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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does it work?

It's very simple, in a few clicks, your wishes are shared with your friends:

  1. Register or connect to your account
  2. Add your gift ideas
  3. Share them with your friends
  4. Your family and friends now know what you would like and can go and buy it without you knowing!
  5. View your friends' gift ideas to be sure to never disappoint them!

Afraid of receiving the same gift twice (or more)? Your friends can reserve them in your list. Only your friends can see these reservations: it will still be a surprise for you.

How can you avoid offering the same gift as someone else?

Before buying a gift, remember to reserve it. That way, you will be sure nobody else will buy the same present.

Next, indicate when you have offered it. Beware: by clicking on the "Offer" button, the concerned friend will be informed of it.

Why must I indicate when I have offered a gift to a friend?

Even after having reserved a gift idea, you can still decide if you are really going to buy it. If you change your mind, you can simply cancel your reservation, another friend will then be able to reserve it.

By indicating that you have offered a gift, it will disappear from your friend's gift ideas so that nobody else buys it.

Why can't I invite other users?

As a security measure, only users who have activated their account can send invitations to other people on Perehana.

However, it is possible for activated users to invite people who haven't activated their account yet.

What to do if you don't receive our emails?

Add to your whitelist.

If you haven't been able to activate your account yet: are you sure that you have submitted the correct email address during the registration process? If you think there might have been a mistake during your registration, contact us giving your username and the email address you submitted.

What do we do with your information?

No information is sold to third-party companies. Only suggestions based on your gift ideas are made but nothing is accessible from outside Perehana.

How much does it cost?

Registration and use of this site are totally free.

Is it obligatory to buy the gifts on a specific site?

Your friends and you can submit any gift idea and therefore choose any website. The sites that may appear next to each gift idea are only suggestions from our partners.

You can buy a gift wherever you wish, even in a real-world shop! Just remember to reserve it to avoid someone else buying the same gift.

Why does my account seem to have been deleted?

Accounts which have never been activated and which haven't been used for more than 6 months are automatically deleted.

What does Perehana mean?

"Perehana" is the maori name for "present".

How to contact us?

There are two ways:

What cookies do we use on the site?

Please read our cookie policy.

How to delete your Perehana account?

There is currently no link to delete your account on the site. Nevertheless, you can send us a message asking for your account deletion using the contact form. Your request will be processed rapidly.